Set Off For the Best Island Vacations in the Tropics

If you are eager for a unique holiday experience that will refresh you without burning a hole in your pocket, set off on best island vacations to the tropical islands where the sun, sea and fun is perfect all-year round. There are innumerable islands where you can bask in the sunlight, swim in the warm water and enjoy the pristine beauty of the beach, local festivals, indigenous cuisine and the hospitality of friendly people. While most people prefer peace and solitude on a vacation, there are also many people who look forward to night-life activities.

Here is a look at some island destinations that offer both:

- Phuket, Thailand

- For party-lovers, Patong in Phuket with lots of clubs, bars and discotheques is the perfect place for best island vacations. If you are traveling with your family, the kids will love the Phuket Fantasea located on the Kamala Beach. This place features various cultural and festival activities. You can also play games, savor delicious Thai food, experience Thai theater and go shopping here. Karon Beach is another great location with excellent restaurants that serve great food and good cocktails. For a classy and quiet ambience, Bangtao Bay would be a good choice.

- Ibiza, Spain

- For long, Ibiza has been considered as a great place for best island vacations thanks to its clubs, bars and fun-loving natives. Check into any of the popular clubs here and you are sure to enjoy every minute of it. Remember that the real excitement in these Spanish night clubs does not begin until the clock strikes 12.

- Nassau, Bahamas

- Nassau can rightly be called the best nightlife destination in the Caribbean. No wonder, this is a very popular choice for party-goers. Nassau has plenty of fascinating casinos, clubs and discotheques that offer a real picture of the fun-loving nature of the Bahamians.

Things To Remember

The best island vacations offer lots of fun, thrill, and excitement. However, here are 6 things you must keep in mind to make the most of your time on the island:

1. Decide where you will go, who you will take along, how long your vacation will be, what activities you are interested in, what things you have to carry along and most importantly, how much you will spend on the vacation.

2. Bring along all necessary documents. Always note down emergency phone numbers and the phone number of your hotel. Maintain a checklist of the things you are carrying and scan through this list before checking out from the hotel.

3. Maintain a first aid kit with ointments, bandages, aspirin and other medicines that you use.

4. The hot tropical weather favors the growth of microorganisms. To avoid the risk of developing skin infections, take along toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and deodorants and maintain good hygiene.

5. Wear light, thin and comfortable cotton garments. Sleeveless shirts, trunks or bikinis along with beach sandals are perfect.

6. Since tropics are located near the equator, you can get bad sunburn very fast. To avoid this, always apply sunscreen before heading off to the beach. Also wear sunglasses that provide protection from UV rays.

Remember these simple tips to enjoy your best island vacations.

What to Expect in Your Canary Island Travel

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is the Canary Islands. With the most beautiful beaches, awe aspiring, breath taking views and the super friendly locals; no wonder this is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. The sun and the beaches are unlike any other; surely you will have the vacation of a lifetime.

If you are looking to spend time in this paradise for the first time, it is advisable to get a package holiday which includes the full Canary Islands experience; giving you the chance to visit all seven main island of the Canaries. A chance to see and experience the best of what the Canary Islands has to offer.

The Canary Islands have several wonderful individual tourist destinations to choose from with each and every island having something unique to offer.

One of the must see things are the volcanic zones which appear on every island and are different on each island with some being like the lunar landscape and others full of weird and wonderful shaped rocks like some Salvador Dali sculpture.

If you are into diving or snorkeling, the clear blue sea of the Canaries is perfect for you, explore the warm ocean and see the vast variety of sea creatures that are native to the islands or if you some of the migratory giants whales.

Of course some of us just like to relax; and the gorgeous beaches of the Canary Islands are simply just divine, perfect for you to lay back and enjoy; soak up some sun for that tan look you been looking for, have a drink and unwind.

If you are an adrenaline jockey there are several water sports that you can get into, like surfing, water skiing, boating para-ascending, wind surfing, and many others.

Have the vacation of a lifetime together with your family and friends; there are many activities and adventures which you and your family can embark on.

Go on nature walks and discovered and experience the lush rain forest of the Canaries, or if your family are into more adventuresome activities you can take on rock climbing on some of the volcanic peaks.

Join a boating expedition and see all the sight and sounds maybe even embark on a deep sea fishing trip to test the waters. Regardless of how often you return to the canaries there surely will be something unique which you still haven’t experienced on a Canary Islands holiday.

There are two ways to travel around the island by air or by sea. There are several cruise trips available, and the cruise ships will take you from island to island to fully experience the Canary Islands.

When visiting several islands it is possible to stay at one of the several luxurious hotel chains, who will take care of you, arranging transfers and even local tours, and providing a familiar place to stay in and get cozy and relax after a long day of fun and excitement.

You will feel right at home even when you first land in the Canaries. The locals are quite friendly; they will always greet you with a smile. The employees of the hotels and restaurant are respectful and are also very friendly and helpful. This may be one reason why the Canaries are considered a wonderful destination for singles or honeymooning couples. The Canary Islands offers a variety of package for couples or singles. Spending nights partying in the Canaries is something you won’t forget and some of you might even meet the one that you have been looking for.

The restaurants in the Canaries are also a delightful experience; they serve there their own unique style of cooking and also serve many dishes which are native to them.

The brilliance of the Canary Islands Holidays is that they are able to cater for all ages and of all lifestyles. And that they are able to do it all year round due to the idyllic weather.

Greek Island Travel – Traveling During the Peak Season

The high season of a Greek island travel vacation is typically July, August and September along with the Christmas and New Years holidays. It is during this peak time you will find that prices are up and everything becomes instantly crowded. Things like reservations, pre-booking and renting a room on a yearly basis takes on an entirely new meaning for anyone who chooses to visit the islands of Greece during the middle to the end of summer.

Rooms with air-conditioning and peaceful areas like Plakias Bay become rare gems for a desperately seeking tourist or visitor who is visiting during the hottest time of the year-without a reservation.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who have not pre-booked or reserved lodgings for this time of the year on the Greek islands, there are still a few things you can do to get a room. The biggest and the best have probably already filled – such as the major resorts and hotels with nearby or private beaches. This is because the package holiday accommodations focus on the seaside resorts with beach fronts the earliest, with bookings already done several months in advance.

If money is not a problem, there may be a few rooms remaining at the super luxurious world-class resorts for a few Greek island travel spots. These are areas where the wealthiest guests arrive by helicopters-private helicopters-with personal swimming pools in each suite with each bathroom designed with a television. One of the local resort hotels even has their own in-house orchestra to entertain the guests and a mini-zoo to help entertain the children of customers.

Looking for an available room during the summer in Greek islands is difficult. However, the old towns or villages may have numerous rooms available with “Room for Rent” signs plastered on back street rooms, apartments, pension homes, or Venetian mansions. Camp sites are always another option for backpackers or travelers who are limited in cash. They are no longer allowed to camp on the beaches for free, but campsites are well-equipped for the comfort of guests and travelers-even though many individuals still choose to camp out in the outer areas, hoping they will not get caught.

Another option is to escape the crazy congested holiday madhouse and plan on staying at a more traditional environment surrounded by peace and quiet-like the Plakias Bay resort village on the southern coast of Crete-while using the local ferry to get around. Areas such as this or inland villas are more apt to have an empty room than the Greek island travel vacation spots during the busy summers. Traveling is usually within the vicinity of any major holiday celebration, so the peace and quiet is usually well worth it.

The Best African Travel Adventures

Every individual has their special concept of an ideal vacation. Some will want to spend some time in places which are bustling with tourists, while others prefer far-fletched spots. Regardless of whether you are searching for a romantic escape, a family trip or you are just seeking for the thrill of adventure; you will want the holiday to be unforgettable and an overall excellent experience.

Africa, without any doubt, possesses the most complex variety of cultures, fauna and landscapes. It is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to encounter a thrilling and exotic holiday. African travel adventures are experiences that anyone will remember for a lifetime.

The First Step to Take

Most people make the mistake of imagining Africa as a country while in fact, it is a continent composed of over fifty countries. With this number, it is difficult to make a choice about which place to go when aiming for African travel adventures. Africa is extremely diversified and you can experience various kinds of cultures, wildlife, flora and terrain in each of its countries. Identifying what activities you would like to do or choosing which sites to see is the most effective way in deciding your destination. This is particularly beneficial if your time in Africa is restricted to one or two weeks.

The Must-Visit African Safari

Africa is known for its wilderness and people and the best way to experience the African travel adventure is to visit the region’s safari. Kenya is the most well-liked safari getaway in Africa. The Masai Mara Reserve is a favorite of many people all over the world. In the months of July to October, you can enjoy the remarkable migration of thousands and thousands of zebra and wildbeest. The tribesmen of Maasai also provide cultural trips which will further enhance your African travel adventure. In Botswana, the Chobe National is also a popular safari and it is known to life on top of three different eco-systems. The Savuti marsh is the home of millions of creatures and it is recognized to have the greatest concentrations of wild animals in Africa. In Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park features the complete African safari environment. The grasslands make the destination excellent for spotting lion kills because the landscape enables the tourists to see the hunt without hindrances. These places will surely give any person the best African travel adventures that they could ever hope for.

The Beaches of Africa

Aside from its safari, Africa is also home to dozens of perfect beaches. Mnemba is an exclusive island located in the Indian Ocean and it provides the finest snorkeling in Zanzibar where people can observe whales, see dolphins and go swimming with different species of fishes. In West Africa, the islands Sao Tome and Prinicipe is the dwelling to a number of magnificent beaches. The island’s greatest beaches are a part of the Bom Bom Island, an incredible eco-resort located on Principe’s northern shore. The virgin jungles on Principe is the paradise of bird watchers and if you are someone who enjoys deep-sea fishing, going to this island will never disappoint.

The beaches, the forests, jungles, wildlife are just some of the things that make Africa a very popular destination for adventurers. So if you are looking for African travel adventures, company Tough Love, a travel agency that will make all of this possible for you., a leading online source for comprehensive news along with The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News, features a regional business directory including information about African Travel Adventures []. The centralized business directory on spotlights enterprises in every industry from restaurants to medical-staffing services. Featured businesses are displayed; full-page directory listings for each enterprise include creatively written business descriptions, customized videos, business web-site links, hours of operation, contact information, and more. Additional digital advertising services, offered through, include web-site design and social-media assistance for business owners.

Best Islands For a Caribbean Christmas

About 65 million Americans traveled over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday in 2007. For those who traveled internationally, the Caribbean islands were among the top ten most popular destinations.

However, the number of people traveling to the Caribbean this year is likely to be down. With the high cost of jet fuel, many airlines have cut back on the number of flights being offered for Caribbean destinations. And they are charging higher prices for available seats. Some travelers are reconsidering their plans and opting to stay home because of the higher costs. With fewer people going to the islands, that may mean savings for you when you arrive.

Some of the most popular Caribbean island destinations for the holidays include Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Each of these island countries has a unique cultural heritage but the majority of those who live on the islands are descended from Africans and most are Christians. So there are plenty of ways to participate in Christmas celebrations when you are away from home.

Puerto Rico

This may be the year to visit Puerto Rico for Christmas. With holiday airfare on the rise, this island nation is offering some bargain prices for lodging. In addition, there are numerous festive Christmas activities. Enjoy an authentic Puerto Rican Christmas dinner; watch a unique holiday street parade with music, singing, and dancing; or tour Old San Juan to see Christmas lights and decoration.

Choose from all-inclusive resorts or cozy bed and breakfasts. If you staying in or near San Juan you will have lots of historical and cultural landmarks to visit along with a variety of restaurants, great shopping, and nightlife.


Christmas in Antigua could be a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy all the celebrations of this festive holiday and escape the chill of the north at the same time. Christmas traditions are similar to those celebrated in the United Kingdom. A number of hotels in Antigua host fabulous Christmas dinners for their guests. And what would Christmas be without Santa? The staff in some of the hotels dress up as Father Christmas and visit with a sack full of gifts for the children.


One of the highlights of the Christmas season in Barbados is the “Carols by Candlelight” held at the official residence of the Prime Minister of Barbados. The audience holds candles while enjoying Christmas carols sung by various musicians. Barbados is a very religious country so you will find lots of churches holding Christmas services.

This island country offers something for everyone. In addition to soaking up the sun at the beach, if you like to be active you might enjoy windsurfing, kite surfing, or traditional surfing. For nightlife, Barbados has many bars, pubs, restaurants, and dance clubs. Maybe you enjoy horseback riding. There are a number of equestrian centers for riding horses through the sugar cane fields or on white sand beaches.

St. Lucia

Peaks and valleys offering you plenty of diverse terrain for exploration characterize St. Lucia. There are high mountain peaks, hot springs, waterfalls, dozens of small isolated coves, and beaches by a warm calm sea cooled by refreshing Atlantic trade winds. Enjoy this diverse landscape with biking, horseback riding, hiking, golfing, playing tennis, snorkeling, diving, or deep-sea fishing. St. Lucia also boasts the only drive-in volcano in the world!

Both Christmas day and the day after are official holidays in St. Lucia. However, if you arrive a little earlier in the month of December there is a special Christmas folk festival. This celebration has been held at the Pigeon Island National Park. Festivities include a Fiesta Night featuring Christmas music by choirs and steel bands. Music sets the ambience for a special Creole dinner and Christmas tree lighting. Other activities at the National Cultural Center include more food and drink and Santa Claus arrives to hand out gifts to children.


Santa Claus and his gifts are very much a part of a Jamaica Christmas. Although in some rural areas it is said that Santa rides a cart and donkey. The Grand Market is a special Christmas celebration in Jamaica. The main streets in the bigger cities and town are closed to traffic and sellers spread their goods out along the roads. This is a place for children and their parents to buy gifts for family and friends.

In Jamaica, you’ll hear Christmas carols like Silent Night and O’ Come All Ye Faithful but don’t be surprised if they are sung in reggae style! Located off the coast of Cuba, Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. The landscape is diverse ranging from the Blue Mountains in the east to narrow coastal plains and flatlands in the south. There are hundreds of miles of coastline with enough fabulous beaches to suit anyone whether you would like peace and quiet or lively populated spots with sunbathers listening to reggae music.

Dominican Republic

Just as with many other islands, Christmas is a special time of the year in the Dominican Republic. Although many of the islanders are not well off, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. These celebrations start as early as the end of October and last for about 3 months! There are lots of parties both private and community organized. You might see spectacular fireworks and enjoy fabulous food.

The Dominican Republic has been a well-kept secret because it is one of the less expensive Caribbean islands. Don’t wait long to make a trip and enjoy all that this beautiful island has to offer while the prices are still very reasonable.

British Virgin Islands Travel – Charter a Yacht For a Unique Vacation Experience

Did you know that the British Virgin Islands are home to one of the best sailing areas in the world and is the sailing capitol of the Caribbean? There are so many reasons as to why these Caribbean islands can lay claim to this and you’ll soon learn why a British Virgin Islands vacation, is just what you need!

BVI weather is extremely consistent with perfect Caribbean trade winds that stay between 10-25 knots, sometimes a bit stronger during the winter months. You will find few places in the world that offer as many bays and anchorages to go exploring. You’ll also find that the water temperature is just perfect for swimming with temperatures ranging from 76-85 degrees year round. The distances between the islands are quite short as well, which provides some benefits such as; the sailing areas are often protected from the open water, so you will find the seas are very calm. This is especially great if you’re new to the world of sailing. Short distances also provide opportunities for many island stops and that means lots of exploring!

If you’re ready for sunny days, pristine white sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs and for the water-sport enthusiast – an unlimited array of possibilities lay waiting for you to discover. One of the absolute best ways to discover the British Virgin Islands is by chartering your own private yacht! This brings us to another destination BVI famous fact. These islands are also home to the world’s largest charter yacht fleet!

With more than 50 islands and cays, a BVI yacht charter may simply be one of the best ways to experience the magic that these islands have to offer you. The British Virgin Islands are also known as the Windwards and Leewards island group. They lie 1500 miles Southeast of New York and about 60 miles east from Puerto Rico. You’ll find mountainous terrain, lush green valleys with rolling hills leading to spectacular beaches and serene coves.

A British Virgin Islands vacation will certainly not be like your ‘typical’ touristy islands, in the sense that you won’t find any high-rise hotels, casinos or even traffic lights! What you’ll learn on these islands is true peace and tranquility. You can discover an ancient tropical rainforest, irresistible land and beauty, even a rare inhabited coral island. These islands offer you a place in which you can truly discover yourself and this is what will make your British Virgin Islands travel really stand out.

They have worked extremely hard to achieve world-wide recognition with programs and workshops to study and protect the rapidly disappearing eco-systems of the Caribbean. With the National Parks Trust – a government department that was formed to protect the incredible beauty and infrastructure that lies under the sea, you’ll find unique underwater parks that stretch all across the British Virgin Islands. Can you think of a better way to really explore this paradise than with a BVI yacht charter, one that can bring you to the heart and majesty that belongs to this incredible group of islands? After all, being in an area world-renowned for the best sailing and boasting the largest fleet of chartered yachts, why not make this vacation the most unique that you’ve ever experienced and charter a yacht!